Prepare (May 7, 2017)

This blog gives you a glimpse into the upcoming Sunday Gathering. It's an opportunity to read through the passage we'll be studying together, pray through some of the liturgy we'll be using, and listen to a selection of the songs we’ll be singing.

DNA - Act


This week is the last week in our mini-series on DNA groups, looking at what they are and why we're launching them as a church. This week we'll be looking at the 'Act' aspect of DNA groups, as Tom Thrower preaches to us from Mark 8:34-38.



Father God, thank you for the truth of the gospel; that our old self died with Jesus on the cross and that we now experience new life, a life free from sin. Help us to deny ourselves, to take up our cross and follow Jesus, knowing that in Him we find true life.

(based on Mark 8:34-35)


  • Jesus is the Lord of All (Olly Knight): A new song to Redeemer, celebrating Jesus, the saviour we gather to worship, asserting his power and authority over all.

  • See His Love (Tom Lockley): A call to look and reflect on the cross, to see the love shown to us in Jesus' great act of redemption.