Gospel Living (January 21, 2018)

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Gospel Living sessions aim to go deeper, looking at what it means to practically live out the gospel in different areas of our lives, providing us with an opportunity to hear from others about their experiences and challenges. These blog posts are designed to help you catch up on the session if you missed it and provide you with resources to follow up with. 


In this Gospel Living session, Elspeth Taylor shared some really helpful thoughts for us on God's word and what it looks like to live by the word. You can catch up on the audio from the session here: 


Here are some of the resources Elspeth used and recommended:

  1. Lectio Divina - Download here
  2. Psalm 139: First Aid for the Soul - Download here
  3. Bible Read Through - Download here
  4. Living by the Word Handout - Download here
  5. The Praying Life - Paul Miller - Buy it here


"It was an immense privilege to be asked to do this Gospel Living session and to share how God has been leading me to dwell in his Word over the past few years. It was wonderful to share it with church family, and I pray that these resources will help you listen to God’s voice and gaze on his face in Scripture too.

We need to keep encouraging each other to turn to the Lord, as King Josiah did when he rediscovered God’s word, with all our heart and soul and strength. When we expose ourselves to it time and again, we begin to feel the heartbeat of God, and those verses becomes the most precious treasure in our lives. When we apply them to our prayer life we find peace, joy and transformation.

I would love to hear from you as you try out any of the suggestions from the Living by The Word session, eg. If using Psalm 139 as ‘first aid for the soul’ has helped you in the trial you are going through, or if you’ve be challenged to start doing prayer cards, or if you’ve discovered how to dwell in the word for the first time and caught a glimpse of God’s radiance there. Do message me on the Redeemer Facebook page or find me at the Gathering.

Yours in Christ,