Prepare (October 22, 2017)


This blog gives you a glimpse into the upcoming Sunday Gathering. It's an opportunity to read through the passage we'll be studying together, pray through some of the liturgy we'll be using, and listen to a selection of the songs we’ll be singing

THE CHURCH - Fed by the Word


Gary Aston will be preaching to us this week on the idea that the church is fed by God's word. He'll be looking at 2 Timothy 3:16-4:2 to help us with this. 



Oh, how we love your law! We meditate on it all day long. How sweet are your words to our taste, sweeter than honey to our mouths! 

Accept, LORD, the willing praise of our mouths, and teach us your laws. Your statutes are our heritage for ever; they are the joy of our hearts.

Your word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path.

(Based on Psalm 119:97-111)


  • Come ye Sinners Poor and Needy (Sojourn Music): An invite to come to God even though we are weary in our sin and find salvation for our souls! 
  • Behold our God (Sovereign Grace Music): A call to behold and look upon the glory of God, giving him the praise and worship he deserves.